Tyler Cressman hails from Kutztown, PA and is a versatile artist, whose songs range from acoustic singer/songwriter to aggressive prog rock and just about everything in between. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer and his songs are characterized by catchy riffs and melodies. His lyrics contain poignant social commentaries through the use of extended metaphor and evocative imagery. Vocally, he is able to sing various styles appropriate to the genre of each song. In short, he hopes his listeners will feel his overt emotion in his instrumentals and memorable lyrics as well. His music has been featured on various FM radio shows, live internet radio, youtube shows, and multiple other mediums. 

Awesome heart renching music and powerful vocals come from “A far off land.”

My eyes only see blue…
If this doesn’t remind you of Robert Palmer or Jim 
Morrison, nothing will… except it’s completely original

Not much to say about this song other than – just brilliant rock

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