The original guitar humidifier concept was started to be developed in 2009 and is still in service today albeit not the finished product. 

Conceived over 10 years ago, the humidifier – formerly known as the Wet Willy – was first developed by Steve (our co-founder) for his own guitars. Back in 2009 Steve was learning to play guitar and had acquired an old beater, an original 1966 Yamaha FG-180. Sadly, it looked like it had been stored in an attic for twenty years. The sound board was warped and the tone was beyond bad, not that anyone could tell whether it was his cacophonous playing or not.

Never afraid of a challenge, Steve began reading about the moisture content of wood and humidification, and wondered if simply by humidifying he could breath life back into a guitar that otherwise should be used for kindling. Not satisfied with other products in the market place, Steve set about building a better humidifier. One that had a large capacity, and large surface area – features that make it efficient at delivering humidity. And most importantly one that couldn’t leak. And so the concept started to be developed.

Amazingly, in just a few short weeks the humidifier managed to breath life back into the FG. It was quite astounding. The sound board returned to its original shape, you could smell the fragrance of the wood emanating from the sound hole, and most importantly the infamous tone that makes the old FG’s somewhat sought after, came back with vengeance. It sang with a deep full bodied sound, rivalling that of guitars many times its value, when played by someone other than Steve.

Ten years later, Steve’s personal humidifier – the original Wet Willy – is still going strong, which is a testament to his concept, albeit not a product useable. With patent pending, the PET-1 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier has been born.

The PET-1 guitar humidifier is a thing of simplistic beauty with continuing efficacy – the humidifier that after 10 years in development does exactly what it says on the pack. There is nothing to replace, nothing to lose, nothing to break and completely leak free, which is why we are offering a lifetime guarantee with every one you purchase.

So we say to you – let there be guitar and may you rock, roll, folk, strum, jive or whatever you’re into, forever more.

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