Introducing… The Legendary STONEHOUSE

Stonehouse are a rock and roll trio cut from the cloth of Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Being songwriters at heart, they’ve created a balance of clever lyrics and clean harmonies that weave through their heavy pulse of a rhythm section. With nostalgic riffs and unexpected twists and turns, each song grabs your full attention. A pleasure to listen to and electrifying to watch, welcome to Stonehouse!

The story behind Stonehouse’s latest single ‘Holy Water’ (Released on the 20 April 2021)

Stonehouse had been touring around Canada for five years before the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown left them with nowhere to play. Undaunted, they decided to use all of their band money to build a studio in their practice space. With some help from friends, they learned how to record and also produced the music video with the band and just two other close friends, an achievement they are proud of considering the Covid 19 restrictions.


Rockin’ the Kasbah with Stonehouse

The backstory

Pat Walsh, founding member of the band is originally from New Glasgow, Novia Scotia and started playing music at a young age. After living in Alberta for a time, he decided to quit his job to dedicate himself fully to his music and StoneHouse was born. Starting off as a four piece rock and roll band, heavily influenced by classic rock, StoneHouse released two full length albums. The departure of their keyboard player brought a change of musical style and the three current members, Pat, Mike and Scott, had to pull their weight like never before. The lyrics became more meaningful and relatable. They kept their rock roots, but developed a newer, more emotional and connective style, working on lyrics and harmonies. This is nowhere more evident than in their brilliant new single ‘Holy Water’ and augurs an exciting future for the band.




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