NEW Prolix Music PET-1 CBN Acoustic Guitar Humidifier. Enormous 90ml capacity. Leak Free. Fast, efficient humidification. Lasts even longer. Made in the USA.

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We’ve taken everything you hate about humidifiers & made them disappear.

  • The infuriating caps, lids, sponges and syringes. GONE.
  • The absurd hanging between strings, stopping you play. HISTORY.
  • The insane re-purchasing of beads, sponges and crystals. ELIMINATED.
  • Made to last. Enormous Capacity. Leak Free.
  • PET-1 guitar humidifiers hold 75ml – Double Any Other. No Distilled Water Required.
  • No Lids to Lose. No Liquids to Leak. No Sponges to Fill.
  • High-tech polymer core. Expandable Monofilament Outer Shell.
  • VERTIGO Single RED Guitar Humidifier

  • VERTIGO Single BLU Guitar Humidifier

  • VERTIGO Single RED Guitar Humidifier

  • VERTIGO Single CBN Guitar Humidifier

  • VERTIGO Single BLU Guitar Humidifier

How to use the PET-1
Remove from packaging and center the polymer
How to use the PET-1
Lay flat in a container of water
How to use the PET-1
Leave for ~25 minutes. When hydrated the PET-1 should be swollen
How to use the PET-1
Dry the PET-1 carefully. DO NOT Squeeze
How to use the PET-1
To start humidifying, simply drop into the sound hole.
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5 x 3 x 0.75 inches

PET-1 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier


1″ dehydrated / 2″ when hydrated

1oz dehydrated / 3oz hydrated




Polyethylene terephthalate

February 02, 2020

Product Warranty: Lifetime manufacturers warranty. For warranty information about this product, please click here

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How to Remove from Sound Hole

PET-1 How to use Full Video

Leak Free Drop Test Full Video

Various Humidifier reviews Full Video

Combine with humidifier packs for easy maintenance.
Combine with humidifier packs for easy maintenance.
Paul D.
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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021 Size: 3 Pack Verified Purchase

Perfect to combine with the Diodarrio humidifier packs. Those packs maintain the right humidity and these will actually rehumidify those packets. I live in Denver which is a high desert, so it gets really dry here. Combining those two has allowed me to easily maintain my acoustic guitar.
Works great. 💯
Works great. 💯
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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2021 Size: 1 Pack Verified Purchase

Have a backup, all wood guitar. I had put in case, and had not touched in months. Pulled it out, and 1st and 2nd sting were fretting out at 11th fret on up. Filled up product, and put in guitar, and guitar back in case. After 4 days, no more fretting out. Plays like the when I bought it. 😁
It really works and so simple
It really works and so simple
Michael Teach
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Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2021 Color: Black/Blue Verified Purchase

It was exactly as advertised. It was flawless. To this day, I haven't the faintest idea how is works, but I do know that it definitely Works.
As advertised
As advertised
Rhodey Mark
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Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2020 Color: Red/Black Verified Purchase

Just refilled it after three weeks, and it appears to be exactly as claimed. Left in the soundhole of a guitar that stays out in the heated air, and the guitar seems happy with the process. I was concerned about the Fishman wiring and it sitting near the output jack but it looks like it coexists peacefully with the electronics. I would put this in the case vs soundhole for an enclosed instrument, but if it is a daily player drop it in and forget it for a couple weeks.
Coming back from the crack
Seeing is believing
Zen & the Art of Humidity
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Moisture Content. Using your guitar as a hygrometer

Only humidify when your guitar needs it. Not all the time. Too much moisture can be equally damaging.

Only humidify when you need to

Drop in the humidifier when the action gets too low, and remove it when that sweet action returns.

If you keep your guitar in a case, monitor the humidity inside the sound hole. When it drops below 45% RH you will know it is time to humidify, and when it exceeds 55% RH you will know it’s time to stop.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the outdoor humidity. Relative Humidity is temperature dependent. As such, heated indoor air is often much drier than the air outside.

Feel the Action

In severe cases you can see a dry or swollen guitar just by looking at the profile. But long before you see it, you will feel it when you play.

Too much Moisture Content will cause the bridge to lift, resulting in high action making it much harder to play, while too little, will cause the bridge to sink, lowering the action and causing fret buzz.

The sound of the guitar is also another little tell-tale sign, albeit less obvious. A guitar with the right moisture content will have a fuller sound than one that is overly dry.


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