An interview with Justin Hagler – Artist, Musician, Songwriter and all round great guy…

PM: Hi Justin, could you introduce yourself?

JH: Hi, my name is Justin Hagler and I am a musician/songwriter/producer who resides in southern Illinois.

PM: So, when did you get into making your own Music?

JH: My musical journey started in 2016 with the release of my first song, “Rural Illinois.” Music has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember, and I never want to stop making music.  I was musically inspired as a child by artists such as, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Beatles, and Alan Jackson.

PM: Can you tell us more about your Musical influences growing up in Herrin, Illinois?

JH: David Lee Murphy’s mother was my 4th grade teacher and she would tell us how her son would make it one day, and low and behold he did within a few years. That was very important in my journey as well, and it showed me that even small town people can accomplish big things.

PM: THE David Lee Murphy?

JH: Uh huh. I believe if someone is inspired to do something they should follow that feeling, because that is their heart telling them that they can do it. And, If my music only moves one person then I have achieved my goal, but one of my dreams is to move as many as possible.

PM: Well you’ve already done that with us and over 47,000 youtube views and even more listening to you on Spotify. Where do you think your journey will take you one day?

JH: My biggest dream musically, is to be respected by my peers as a quality songwriter who does what is best for each song. If I can enrich people’s lives with my music, then I have achieved my goal.

PM: What are you doing now?

JH: At the moment I’m composing music in multiple genres, and draw a vast amount from my surroundings here in southern Illinois. The great people and beautiful scenery of Illinois make it easy for me to write music…and I owe each much credit. I also owe a vast amount of credit to God, because without God none of this would have ever be possible.

I plan to release new material as I finish each song. I have another one that is very close to being finished. It is ready for vocals now.

PM: We can’t wait to hear it, so you’d better stay in touch – right?

JH: As soon as it’s released I’ll be sure to let you listen to it.

PM: That’s awesome, thanks Justin. Would you like to add anything else about why you chose the life of a musician?

JH: Well, I suppose I’d like to say I never started making or writing music to earn money or be on a stage. I do it because I love music and I genuinely like making people happy.

PM: Listening to your music makes us happy and I’m sure it’s going to make many more people happy in the future. And hopefully you’ll get the recognition you deserve, and maybe some coin to keep making original and inspiring tracks.

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