Prolix Music are an innovation company that develops new, simpler and cost-efficient accessories for musical instruments.

We live and breathe innovation, constantly refining and revolutionising products by analysing insight and removing the hassle out of your everyday music life, one at a time.

If you’re an experimenter and musician well adapted to anything cool but a positive view to extending or enhancing your personal performances as well as the performance of your equipment, you may have just found your accessory spiritual home.

The need for innovative accessories that remove the augmentation for instrument care and performance of your instrument, has never been greater. It is our objective to create innovative products that make you think “wow, it’s simple, quick, easy-to-use and cool.” They are and they do what they say.

We started Prolix Music because we thought the general standard of music accessories in the marketplace could be so much better than they were for you, the paying customer. Big promises and cheap gadgets had become the main stay for people who really wanted high performance and technologically innovative accessories for their instrument and their way of life.

It’s our intention to bring you innovation with high quality products, that actually live up to their marketing promises. For example a lifetime guarantee, that means a lifetime guarantee, because we’re that confident about the quality of what we sell, we put our money where our mouth is, not yours.

We believe in exclusive, revolutionary and new accessories that must innovate your life allowing you to transition to an easier, simpler, hassle free life, whilst achieving enhanced performance.