Getting the Best from the NEW Revolutionary PET-1 Acoustic guitar humidifier


1 – Register for your PET-1 Guitar Humidifier lifetime guarantee

2 – Hydrate your PET-1 Guitar Humidifier

Gently manipulate the outer shell allowing the polymer core to move toward the center of the PET-1, making sure none of  the polymer is near either end.

Using clean, cold tap water, fill a container that’s large enough for the PET-1 to lay flat. Submerge for approximately 25 minutes. Times may vary depending on your municipality.

3 – Dry your PET-1 Guitar Humidifier

Gently dry the monofilament outer shell with a cloth. The polymer core is a hi-tech absorbent– not a sponge. Do not squeeze or wring out the PET-1 when handling.

Excessive pressure can cause the polymer to extrude. Rarely, extrusion can occur on first hydration. If this happens, wipe away residue.

4 – You’re done! Now you can start humidifying!

Insert the PET-1 into the sound hole of your guitar, and humidify while you play.

5 – Removing and rehydrating your PET-1 Humidifier

Over time the PET-1 will shrink back in size, indicating that it is time to rehydrate. Remove by turning your guitar upside down and gently rotating the body until the PET-1 appears at the sound hole.


Do not squeeze or wring out the PET-1 when handling. Excessive pressure can cause the polymer core to extrude and may void your lifetime guarantee.

Do not leave in water for extended periods of time.

The amount of polymer exceeds the capacity capable of the monofilament to hold and as such extended hydration will force the polymer to extrude.

The PET-1, although simple in its design uses high technology materials and as such should not be used in the same way as other instrument humidifiers on the market.

Treat the humidifier with care and it should last a lifetime.

If you’re unsure with what you’re doing please contact our customer service team. Remember, never over humidify.

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