Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime guarantee with the Prolix Music PET-1 humidifier. So, what does a lifetime guarantee mean?

Fortunately it means exactly that.

If you’ve followed the instructions of use and not abused the PET-1 humidifier, we’ll replace it free of charge plus shipping.

All items returned under our lifetime guarantee to Prolix Music are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the cost for such items passes to you prior to the return a new replacement. Simply go to our store and pay the appropriate shipping fee. This will release to you a returns unique number, which you must include with the returned product – in order that we process the return accurately.

Your product registration number will not change. If you cannot find your product registration number simply email and we will send you the details of your product registration.

And that’s it. A lifetime of use.

Should we discontinue manufacturing of the PET-1 humidifier you will be sent the most up-to-date humidifier, maybe it will be called the PET-2, but it will be higher in performance and better at humidification – although we’re not sure that’s possible yet.

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