Electric Guitar Infinity Pickup System – Inspired sounds for inspired players

The back story of the Prolix Music Electric Guitar Infinity Pickup System…

Of course, there’s a back story – there always is…

Back in 2018, Steve (our co-founder and chief engineer) was jamming with a couple of friends. Clayton, who is a far more accomplished player (at least we let him think so), showed up with a beautiful electric guitar, hand made by a Spanish Luthier. Steve commented on the beauty of the guitar saying, “One day I’d like to own a guitar like that. Maybe I’ll build one.” To which Clayton replied, “What makes you think you can build a guitar?” – Oh boy, Clayton had no idea what he had set in motion.

That summer Steve went about building a guitar from scratch. The back and sides made from mahogany, with an inlaid maple stripe down the middle. The top is book matched, 1/2″ spalted maple, hand carved. The neck is made from 5 pieces of mahogany, laminated in such a way as to make it dimensionally stable. The headstock features a 1/8″ matching, spalted maple veneer. The finger board is rosewood, with 24 frets, and a compound radius, with inlaid abalone fret markers. It was finished with a tobacco sunburst. In four short weeks (mostly evenings and weekends) Steve’s guitar was born.

But the story doesn’t stop there…
Steve didn’t stop there. He began working on electronics for the guitar. Inspired by the unique sounds of Brian May of Queen, and Brian’s beloved guitar, the Red Special. Steve built hardware designed to emulate those sounds and in mid-2019 the foundation of the Prolix Music Infinity Pickup System was born.

Steve’s guitar is of course the test bed for this and so far the results are outstanding. In a nutshell, he can take a clean amp, with nothing more than a little reverb, and create everything from the haunting, distant sounds of the beginning of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, to the screaming tube distortion of Jimmy Hendrix playing the National Anthem at Woodstock. It includes electronics (which by the way is Steve’s core expertise), but in honor of the purists, everything is designed to operate in the analog domain, using only the best components money can buy.

Credit where credit is due…
Needless to say, Steve loves the result of his work, but for him the most satisfying part was the opportunity it gave him to rename his guitar. So, in the sprirt of ‘giving credit where credit is due’, and of course in honor of Clayton, Steve’s guitar shall now, and forever more, be known as the FU-C-18!

Where are we now?
At the time of writing, the Prolix Music Infinity Pickup System is entering Phase 2 of development. The goal is to produce a system that can be easily installed by anyone, with minimal knowledge, that requires absolutely no physical modifications to the body of the guitar and that can be up and running in under an hour.

What’s in it for you?
What this means for you, is that at some time, in the not too distance future, you too will be able take advantage of the inspired sound and enhanced performance of the Prolix Music Infinity Pickup System! In the mean time, keep rocking, and stay tuned, because there’s more to come – way more – and trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Coming Soon — the Prolix Music Infinity Pickup System — Stay Tuned!

Electric Guitar Infinity Pickup System