International Recording Artist Christian Gratz is a talent of our times. Today, Christian writes and produces his own music, which has received a great deal of recognition in the UK (most recently numerous songs have been put into regular rotation on Deveron FM England.) and performs all over the tri-state and surrounding area with his group The Frost Duo, who we will be featuring soon with the tantalizing vocal storm – LeahBeth Evans.

“1981” RELEASING ON March 12 2021

Christian’s New Album arrives on coming March 12 2021!!!

“1981”……its a continuation of the production and style of that era! Pop music from the top 40 was the inspiration!

Thick analog synths, Chorused Guitars, ADT vocals, electric pianos, brooding lyrics….all hallmarks of late-70s early 80s pop! 

Look for it Digitally and on Compact Disc! 


Born and raised in Olyphant Pennsylvania, Christian Gratz was destined to be a great musician before even picking up an instrument. Christian Gratz has Synesthesia (chromastesia), which causes him to see colors and certain shapes with different instruments.

At a young age he began to study the guitar, and eventually went onto Marywood University where he earned a degree in jazz guitar. His professors, so impressed with his natural skill offered him piano lessons in his free time.

Christian’s musicianship speaks for itself as he is skilled in guitar, piano and bass. He has graced the stage three times with Three Dog Night, and has also performed with many other national acts such as Shirley King, The Grass Roots, The Platters, The Crests, The Stylistics, The Drifters and Eddie Holman.

Christian is signed to Black Rainbow Records

Awards and recognitions

2019 Electric City’s Musician Of The year

2019 Josie Music Award Nominee Musician of the year

2019 World Songwriting awards “Nitelines-Jazz Song Of The year”

2018 Electric City’s Musician Of The year

2018 ECMC pianist of the year Nominee

2018 Josie Music Award Musician Of The year Nominee

With the Frost Duo

The 5-7-0 Music Show “Duo of The year” 2019

2019 Josie Music Award nominee Best duo

2019 ECMC Pop/cover group of the year

Get lost in the deep grooves of jazz instrumental Nitelines…

Or maybe you just want to see “Purple” in a haze of a jazz fusion instrumental

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