An interview with the absolutely stunning talent Jennifer Mlott

Multi-talented award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Choreographer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Jennifer is the 2019 International Singer Songwriters Association Rising Star of the Year. In Oct. 2019, 2018 & 2017, Jennifer won the Entertainer of the Year & Vocalist of the Year for the Kentucky Country Music Association. She also captured the 2018 North American Country Music International Association’s, Video of the Year for her Single, Different Drummer. …

PM: Hi Jennifer, we’re thrilled to be a tiny part of your success. Thank you for joining the featured artists program at Prolix Music. Have you always known you’d be a rising independent artist – or did you just fall into it?

JM: When I was a little girl, I fell in love with the arts. Watching men and women perform on stage was beyond magical. I loved watching dancers glide across the stage in the bright lights, and I loved watching singers sing their hearts out to the crowds. Looking up to those artists, I knew at a very young age exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a performer. When I was about 8 years old, I began my journey as a singer and dancer. I competed in dance and singing competitions throughout my adolescent life. I fell in love with the feeling I had sharing music through movement as a dancer, and creating music from my heart through singing. I have been in the arts ever since I can remember, and it will always be a part of me. 

PM: So, when did you get into making your own Music?

JM: After high school, I worked at several excellent dance studios. At one point, I was teaching at three studios, and I was also part of a singing group. Our group had 4 women including myself and we would perform and entertain throughout the state of Indiana. Then one day, we were offered an incredible opportunity to come down to Nashville, Tennessee to perform on a local TV Show called “Nashville Spotlight”. We were ecstatic! While we were there, we met a producer and that’s when a new chapter in my life began. I have been recording and performing music professionally for about four years now. 

PM: Only four years and you’ve got a cabinet full of awards! Apart from all the accolades what do you love most about being an upcoming future indie star?

JM: Being an Indie artist is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have met so many amazing people and I have learned many life lessons. I decided to pick up guitar a couple of years ago, and it has become a passion of mine. Being able to create my music not only with words, but also composing my own songs has truly made me a better songwriter. I love the feeling of sitting down and composing with guitar in hand.

One of the things I love about being an Indie Artist is the community of performers that support one another. I have been so blessed to have met artists from all over the world, through our shared passion for music. As Indie artists, we support one another, and cheer each other on through our good days and bad. I am so lucky to have a tight knit team that genuinely has my best interest at heart. Without my team, I don’t know where I would be. I am so thankful for my producer, manager, promoter, family, friends and fans for supporting me and cheering me on through my musical journey. Sometimes singing a song that’s near and dear to your heart can be intimidating, but with the help of such a team, I have the courage to really perform and hopefully move people.

PM: You certainly move people with your energy and your joy of life – not to mention your soulful voice – but surely your success can’t have been just roses and soft pillows for you?

JM: The thing I find most challenging about the industry is the business side. Being an outsider looking in, it’s hard to understand the complexity of the music industry. The music business is forever changing, and there is definitely a learning curve. But it does help to have friends and mentors to help you along the way. One thing I would suggest to anyone one that wants to become an Indie artist, is to never lose sight of your true self.  Sometimes it’s easy to want to replicate somebody else’s style, but don’t. Just be you! People love you for being genuine.

PM: We certainly do. It’s a huge thumbs up from us! Sorry to get topical, but how has the Covid-19 affected you – we know it’s hit the enetertainment industry hard, but what is it like at a personal level?

JM: 2020 has been an interesting year; I don’t think anyone expected what has unfolded in the last few months. With Covid-19, the music industry has seen unprecedented times. Many of my plans for the year including traveling around the mid-west were postponed, and performances were cancelled due to the pandemic. In Nashville, the famous Broadway looked like a ghost town. Throughout America, bars and restaurants were closed indefinitely. This has truly changed the music industry and how we Indie Artists keep our careers alive. Most of us turned to online entertaining. I have been blessed to have been able to perform live from the comfort of my home. Thanks to my family and fans we have been able to keep the power of music alive. Hopefully the second half of this year we will be able to perform live on stage and to crowds of thousands, but until then we will sing from home and learn a few new things about ourselves along the way.

Although we have all stayed home, it doesn’t mean our music has stopped! As I said earlier, I have been performing live online, but I have also been doing “Radio Takeovers”. I love performing for people so being able to perform on our social platforms has been great! I have also been writing new music and composing originals. I’m looking forward to finally travelling to Nashville to record again in a few weeks.

PM: Nashville – what’s next the world stage?

JM: In the near future, I hope to be back to performing Live! It’s going to be so amazing to see my fans and friends again in person. I can’t wait to give each of you a giant hug! Through the down time brought about by the pandemic, I’ve had time to do some reflecting on my music career. I’ve been dreaming up new plans and music and can’t wait to make it all a reality. In the distant future, I hope that one day I can travel the world performing. To be able to travel the world, and meet friends and fans from so many new places has always been a dream of mine.

I hope one day to start a family, and have them with me while performing to crowds of thousands. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. So to be able to spread love and positivity to everyone through my music would be incredible. I love touching lives through the songs I sing. Whether we are struggling through hard times or having the best time of their lives, somehow we all seem to associate our favorite music with those times. I know that music has truly shaped me into the person that I am today, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I know my musical journey is just getting started. With the love of God, my family, fans and friends I know that when I look back on all of this 30 years from now I’m going to be thrilled that I did it.

PM: 30 years from now you’ll still have us as fans. We love your talent, we love your music, we love your energy, your kindness and everything you do for charity, but most of all we love your voice! 

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Different Drummer

Can’t Get Over You

Little White Church

Choctaw County Affair

In 2019, Jennifer was awarded two World Songwriters Association Awards for her songwriting. Jen was a Finalist for the prestigious Nashville Universe Rising Star of the Year Award in 2018. She was Indie Star Radio’s 2018 Female Artist of the Year & in December 2017, Jennifer won the Indie Artists Magazine, Humanitarian of the Year Award. Jennifer holds the record on the Fan Voted Charts for being the first Indie Artist to ever hold the #1 position. She held that position for 6 weeks being the first Indie Artist ever to do so. Jennifer is a member of BMI, ISSA, International Singer- Songwriters Association, Indie Collaborative and NACMAI, the North American Country Music Associations International and the Kentucky Country Music Association. 

Jennifer spends a lot of her spare time performing and raising awareness with many Charities including  Clothe A Child, Down Syndrome Foundation, Riley Children’s Hospital Team Joey Foundation, Toys for Tots and Create for the Cure, a gala to raise money for children with cancer. 

Jennifer is also an accomplished Tap Teacher and Choreographer. She was the Assistant Director of the Extreme Rhythm Project Pre-Professional Tap Company in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jennifer is extensively trained in tap, jazz, musical theater, contemporary, modern and ballet. During her competitive career, Jennifer won numerous awards and titles and was a nine time Dancer of the Year Finalist and is the 2011 Teen National Tap Champion. Jennifer was a part of the Radio Disney Extreme Team and opened for the Jonas Brothers, Triple Threat, & Angel. Jennifer’s students have been very successful on the dance competition circuit with her choreography. They have won numerous awards including, Overall Champion, Highest Scoring Number, Most Entertaining, and Choreography Awards. Jennifer is currently working as a competitive dance judge for the National Touring, Rising Star Dance Competition. 

In October of 2018, Jennifer released her 1st Christmas Cd, “Light Up Christmas”. It is an eclectic mixture of Christmas songs and favorites. Jennifer released her first full length album, “Until Now” in April of 2020.

Jennifer with Guitar


The Lazy Dayz


Foundation of the band

The Lazy Dayz is a German rock band, formed in 2018. The band consists of Ingo (lead vocals), Tony (lead guitar, backing vocals), Kiwi (rhythm guitar), Timo (bass) and Sascha (drums, backing vocals) . The Lazy Dayz was originally formed as a two-man side project by Sascha and Tony, who ran a band at that time. As this band broke up in early 2019, Kiwi from the previous band also joined The Lazy Dayz. Shortly afterwards Timo joined the band on bass. Lead singer Ingo, with whom Sascha played in a band years ago, completed the line-up in September 2019.

Song material and Composition

The Lazy Dayz only play their own songs, no covers. Main songwriter of the band is Sascha. He writes most of the lyrics and the majority of the music. Sascha is constantly writing new stuff and since Tony and Ingo also write songs occasionally, the band has a huge amount of songs. Once Sascha (or Tony / Ingo) has composed the basic structure of a song, the band is fine-tuning them at specific songwriting sessions, with Tony working out the guitar solos and Ingo, Kiwi and Timo bringing their own soul and know-how in the songs.


Music style / Influences

The Lazy Dayz simply call their songs rock music in order not to be squeezed into certain categories.

If you want to narrow it down a little further, a mixture of American rock’n roll, hard rock, blues rock spiced with ingredients from country, gospel and stoner rock would be appropriate.

The musical roots can be found in the 60’s and 70’s. Bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or the early AC / DC can certainly be named as huge influences. But also newer bands influence the band, e.g. Rival Sons, Marilyn Manson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers or The Pretty Reckless.

Of course you could list many other bands from different genres here, but that would go beyond the scope.

From all these influences the band creates their very own style and offers powerful rock songs with catchy refrains and hooklines.


Publications / Future

The Lazy Dayz released their first album ‘Welcome To The Rodeo’ on May 2nd, 2021 on all known platforms as download and / or stream. The album was recorded independently from May 2020 to early 2021 and externally mastered in March 2021. Due to the corona pandemic, which lasted during the entire recording period, the work on the album turned out to be challenging: At almost no time all five band members could work together on the songs. Nevertheless the band managed to keep their self-selected release date.

The band is currently working on songs for a second album, which will be released in the course of 2022.

On August 21, 2021, the band released ‘Angel’ as a single on all platforms. Angel is the first single of the second album, which will get released in 2022.

On November 26, 2021, ‘Do It Right’ will get released on all platforms, the next single of the second album.

Do it Right – Just like the Bass line…

Angel – Sinning her new song

10,000 miles… of ROCK

NEW ALBUM RELEASE – Welcome to the Rodeo

Radio Jack – Album Review

Album Review “Welcome to the Rodeo” by The Lazy Dayz !!

If you look at the musical influences the gentlemen from Lower Saxony state, you can guess where the journey is going.

Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Marylin Manson, Rival Sons, or Red Hot Chilli Peppers promise a musical journey without having to commit to a particular musical style.

The opener “Rodeo” immediately pulls us into a world of straight riffs, a catchy melody and a very distinctive voice !!

“Black Soul” … are we still on the same album? Oh yeah, and now we know why The Lazy Dayz say of themselves that they can’t be pigeonholed. Hard-stoner rock with influences from the gospel make this song special; also by the background vocals of Danyelle Vanes and Sebastian Cuthbert, who by the way also mastered the album !!

At the latest at “Country Town” the controls are on the stop and so we come to … “Morning Light” from the first single. When we heard the song for the first time we thought … “Hey, we know that one”. That’s because this song hits your ear straight away, absolutely catchy tune. Catchy melody, which is underpinned by the great voice of Juliet. And again a new style. Finest rock on a world class level !!

“Sons of Revolution” … “Boondocks” … “Leave the Past behind”.

3 songs that just invite you to listen. With this 3-pack “The Lazy Dayz” show their diversity. And you can hear that it is musicians who understand their craft. Perfectly coordinated. With these 3 songs we have meanwhile canceled the control, just listen and enjoy the music.

“Fear the Voices” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.We are no longer surprised that things are heading in a new direction and why not go in the direction of blues rock when you do it as perfectly as in these two songs!”10,000 Miles” and it gets a bit louder. Absolutely brilliant solos on the “riot violin” … drums that lead through the entire song, a song that really burns into your ear canals!The final song “Will you follow me” slowly brings us back from this incredible journey. A worthy last song for this album !!Conclusion: “Welcome to the Rodeo” is an album that we would not have expected. 11 songs and somehow 11 different directions make it extraordinary. Texts that have something to say and musically the very highest league !! If you are into demanding music and are not nailed to any style, this album is an absolute must !!

Can we give 10 out of 10? Probably not … we’re inclined to give 11 out of 10!


You can follow The Lazy Dayz hier:

Igor Lisul

Igor Lisul was born on May the 24th 1984. in Kikinda, Serbia.

He began his guitar journey when he was 10 years old. His very first guitar had only three strings. Igor is a lefty and plays guitar with reversed string order.

Igor attended elementary music school where he learned basics of music notation, for composing his romantic and uplifting guitar music. In this elementary school he won several home and international rewards by playing accordion. During the time Igor learned to play piano, as well.

He describes his genre as guitar art rock instrumental music.

However, Igor has chosen electric guitar to express himself. His music is based on expressing huge amount of emotions.

Igor’s guitar sings about love, soul, friendship, nature and all other beautiful things that heart can feel and imagine.

During his high school days he played in several bands and toured around northeastern part of Vojvodina. It was the time when Igor started to build his own guitar playing style.

A bit later, during his early twenties he had been practicing guitar for hours and hours, developing his guitar tehnique, that lead him to virtuosity playing.

In 2012. Igor participated as guitar background on Art market exibition in Belgrade (in june) and on a exibition in Renata gallery in Novi Sad (in October).

Igor owns 3 electric guitar: Japanese lefthanded Jackson guitar, Indonesian lefthanded Ibanez guitar and Chinese lefthanded Squier guitar. Currently, he uses Marhall 100 watts amplifier for playing and recording his instrumental music.

Although he puts accent mainly on the melody, Igor has created his own guitar soloing playing style aswell.

It consists mainly of refreshing, powerful and bright scales which include first of all different modes like ionian, lydian or mixolydian and warm pentatonic progressions as well, played fluently with the speed of light. His first guitar rock instrumental album entitled “Pages of Our Lives” was published in December 2020.

It was followed by rather emotional “Rivers of Love” album, published in April 2021., as well as the singles “Celtic Legends” (September, 2021), “Evening Song” (October, 2021), “Earth Anels” (November, 2021) and “Always and Forever” (December, 2021). The mentioned rather emotional singles have been inspired by his love for beautiful princess and the master of piano, Naomi from Japan.

Igor began publishing his own music on internet when he was 27 years with album “The Enchanted World” (2011) and has released over 20 albums and several singles available for free download on internet.
In the past, Igor has been collaborating and publishing music with other talented artist such as: Allen Bruce Ray (native american flute and guitars), Cristina Sergi (piano), Arlette Ri (piano), Andrea Lardella Kovalenko (harp) and Rebecca Kaiserin (piano).

Awesome heart renching Good heart (guitar ballad) – Igor Lisul

Always and forever (art rock) – Igor Lisul

Japanese heart (guitar ballad) – Igor Lisul

Igor doesn’t have some specific influences in music. As he says, he has always been inspired by the melodies “special to his ears” of all sorts of music (including rock, pop, world, ambient, etc.) and he turned them into his own art.

His future plan is to simply share his love for music with as much people as possible, and to contribute in the global healing of the world that way. There are also plans sketched out for many more new releases, aswell as some performing ideas concerning the Gallery Terra and Terra Viva fest here in his hometown Kikinda.

We welcome Igor as a Prolix Music Featured Artist.


You can follow Igor here:

Johnny Matt

Christian, Folk and Pop ARTIST

Johnny Matt is the Guy next door Brand.

He plays music for you.

Johnny Matt was inspired by music at a young age when he found his dad’s snare drum in the basement. He would bang on the drum constantly.  Johnny Matt’s Father taught him a few cadences that he would play over and over again. Later, Johnny gained interest in Piano and would play at his local church. He always wanted to take lessons but his parents couldn’t afford it. One day Johnny was working at a summer Boy Scout Camp called Treasure Island. One of the counselors offered to teach guitar.

Johnny Matt took up the offer and learned some chords. He later went on to take guitar lessons for over a year. 

He is a Christian, Folk, and Pop musician who has been performing for over 23 years.  He primarily plays Guitar, Sings, and taught himself Harmonica, and Keyboard.  He plays a variety of covers, Christian songs, and Original music. Johnny Matt loves writing and playing his Original music. He has written close to 200 original songs and recorded two albums, “Journey to John’s World” and  “Attack of the Freakin Balls’ ‘.  Johnny Matt was a weekly featured artist in American SongWriting Magazine and has been a finalist in the World Songwriting Contest for his song “Poor Old City Boy ”.

Johnny Matt also was a finalist in the ISSA Awards for Songwriter of the year. He placed in the top 15.

Fans have said he sounds like a mix of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Petty.

Head shot (2)

Treasure Chest – A key to the heart… 

Journey to John’s World (2004)
Attack of the Freakin Balls (2006)

Musical Influences
Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffet, Three Doors Down, The Fray, Mercy Me, Goo Goo Dolls, Hillsong Worship, Green Day, James Taylor, Phil Collins, Darius Rucker, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeremy Camp, Steven Ray Chaplin, Foo Fighters, U2, Soul Asylum


  • Featured as Weekly Artist in American Songwriter
  • Top 10 Finalist in the World Song Writing Contest
  • Top 15 Finalist for ISSA Awards Songwriter of the year
  • Written close to 200 Original songs

Future Plans
Johnny Matt is currently working on new music and plans to release some new songs and an EP in 2022.  He has a possible local radio and television interview within the next month. 

You can follow Johnny Matt on these links


Singer. Songwriter. Superstar.

Between the depth of her voice, substance of her songwriting, and seemingly endless list of awards and achievements, you might be fooled into thinking that Mikalyn has been in the game for decades. But that’s easily forgiven, as despite having yet to hit her 20s, the artist’s signature alt-pop stylings bely her age and blur lines between genres and eras, making her music all the more compelling. She obviously takes great pride in her output, showcasing a skillful approach to arrangement and production with a keen attention to detail. She’s also an in-demand collaborator, having lent her unmistakable vocals to elevate tracks from Machine Drivers, Öwnboss & Zerky, Röde, 39 Kingdom, and others in just 2019 alone.

With a one-of-a-kind style and unwavering drive, Mikalyn shows no signs of slowing down on her already-impressive trajectory. Her song Sleepless Nights streamed over 650 k in 4 months of release. In 2021 she will make a bold move away from her EDM success with over 3.2M streams and into alt pop and indie with a string of strong releases that will leverage and build off her EDM roots.


I love you too much – stunning 2021 release

We haven’t heard a better cover of Time after Time… ever!


  • 2020 International Singer-Songwriters Association Awards Gold award winner
  • International Female Emerging Artist of the Year
  • Nominated for 2020 CBC Music Spotlight for song Collapse – Top 100 Producer Pick
  • Finalist for The Josie Music Awards 2020 for Young Adult Vocalist of the Year (13-17),
  • Young Adult Artist of the Year (ages 13-17), Music Video of the Year Gone and Best
  • Musical Collaboration Circle – Mikalyn Hay/Sina
  • International Songwriting Competition 2019 Semi-Finalist Teen Category for song Uber

You can follow Mikalyn below or or discover more of her talent:


Tyler Cressman hails from Kutztown, PA and is a versatile artist, whose songs range from acoustic singer/songwriter to aggressive prog rock and just about everything in between. He is a multi-instrumentalist and producer and his songs are characterized by catchy riffs and melodies. His lyrics contain poignant social commentaries through the use of extended metaphor and evocative imagery. Vocally, he is able to sing various styles appropriate to the genre of each song. In short, he hopes his listeners will feel his overt emotion in his instrumentals and memorable lyrics as well. His music has been featured on various FM radio shows, live internet radio, youtube shows, and multiple other mediums. 

Awesome heart renching music and powerful vocals come from “A far off land.”

My eyes only see blue…
If this doesn’t remind you of Robert Palmer or Jim 
Morrison, nothing will… except it’s completely original

Not much to say about this song other than – just brilliant rock

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International Recording Artist Christian Gratz is a talent of our times. Today, Christian writes and produces his own music, which has received a great deal of recognition in the UK (most recently numerous songs have been put into regular rotation on Deveron FM England.) and performs all over the tri-state and surrounding area with his group The Frost Duo, who we will be featuring soon with the tantalizing vocal storm – LeahBeth Evans.

“1981” RELEASING ON March 12 2021

Christian’s New Album arrives on coming March 12 2021!!!

“1981”……its a continuation of the production and style of that era! Pop music from the top 40 was the inspiration!

Thick analog synths, Chorused Guitars, ADT vocals, electric pianos, brooding lyrics….all hallmarks of late-70s early 80s pop! 

Look for it Digitally and on Compact Disc! 


Born and raised in Olyphant Pennsylvania, Christian Gratz was destined to be a great musician before even picking up an instrument. Christian Gratz has Synesthesia (chromastesia), which causes him to see colors and certain shapes with different instruments.

At a young age he began to study the guitar, and eventually went onto Marywood University where he earned a degree in jazz guitar. His professors, so impressed with his natural skill offered him piano lessons in his free time.

Christian’s musicianship speaks for itself as he is skilled in guitar, piano and bass. He has graced the stage three times with Three Dog Night, and has also performed with many other national acts such as Shirley King, The Grass Roots, The Platters, The Crests, The Stylistics, The Drifters and Eddie Holman.

Christian is signed to Black Rainbow Records

Awards and recognitions

2019 Electric City’s Musician Of The year

2019 Josie Music Award Nominee Musician of the year

2019 World Songwriting awards “Nitelines-Jazz Song Of The year”

2018 Electric City’s Musician Of The year

2018 ECMC pianist of the year Nominee

2018 Josie Music Award Musician Of The year Nominee

With the Frost Duo

The 5-7-0 Music Show “Duo of The year” 2019

2019 Josie Music Award nominee Best duo

2019 ECMC Pop/cover group of the year

Get lost in the deep grooves of jazz instrumental Nitelines…

Or maybe you just want to see “Purple” in a haze of a jazz fusion instrumental

You can follow Christian here: