The Prolix Music PET-1 humidifier is the best humidifier on the market today with the fastest humidity delivery system enhancing the performance of your wooden instrument.

The PET-1 humidifier has been invented, designed in the USA (patent pending) and all of its component parts have been manufactured in the USA. The product is assembled using high technology solutions only found in the USA.

100% home grown and original USA business and products.

We are insured in the USA for both product and public liability, our codes come from US authorities and our IP has been registered with US authorities first. We are a US company working towards building a US business we can all be proud of.

Our daughter organisations are set-up for global distribution only and receive our products from a US manufacturing source in Baltimore, the state of Maryland.

We’re MADE in the USA, so our customers can have the highest quality product available to them, and this is why we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee for the PET-1 humidifier.

 Introducing the revolutionary new PET-1 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier