Andy Carhart

Andy Carhart is a skilled solo artist and multi-instrumentalist from Colorado who creates music that embraces many styles ranging from mellow to metal. His music is inspired by a mission of personal growth, evolution of soul, and a strengthened connection to mindfulness. His compositions are philosophical, introspective, and full of rich melody.


Someplace; Sometime (EP – 2021)

Breakdown (Collaborative single with Atrip – 2020)

Blackbird (Published cover; Single – 2018)

Circular (LP – 2016)

We Can Fly (Single – 2013)

Forging Mettle (LP – 2007)

Dissolving Into Dream (LP – 1998)

Andy Carhart – Life & Love

Andy’s music showcases a passion for both the acoustic and electric guitar. He offers a wide variety of contemplative works that invite the listener to embrace the moods and emotions of the changing moments of life. Andy brings forth a unique and immediately identifiable artistic style through the seamless blend of genres including instrumental guitar, rock, and electronica. His latest releases include Someplace; Sometime (2021) an EP offering five powerfully emotional songs and Breakdown (2020), a collaborative single that further expands his stylistic outreach into new territories both musically and regionally.

Andy’s love for musical diversity is reflected deeply within his body of work that caters both to fans of the eclectic and lovers of technical proficiency as he draws inspiration from many genres and combines them with the teachings of life.

“Life is a journey. The whole experience is beautiful and amazing and I strive to remember and embrace that.” ~ Andy Carhart

Musical Influences

Pink Floyd, Michel Hedges, The Beatles, Joe Satriani, Megadeth, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Overkill, Sade, Massive Attack, Eagles, Chopin, Everything but the Girl, Pantera. I could go on and on and on! The more I list the more I want to list. So many artists in so many genres have influenced me and the list keeps growing.

A Few Highlights

Placed 3rd in ProSound’s Guitar Wars at 13 years old (in the 18 and under category)

Featured on KRFC 88.9 FM – Live at Lunch show in 2006 (Fort Collins, CO)

Played in dozens of venues in Colorado both as a solo artist and with several bands

Lead Guitarist in One Track Mind (2016 – 2018) sharing the stage with many national bands

Guitar and Vocals with The Living Room Sessions (2017 – 2020) releasing a weekly YouTube show (

Future Plans

Two collaborative projects in the progress, both of which are scheduled to release 2021.

I plan on continuing to release solo music but I can see myself doing more collaborations.

I have more than one hundred unreleased songs in various stages of completion, which I plan to make more of available to the public over the coming years.

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