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The revolutionary PET‑1 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
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The revolutionary PET‑1
Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
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Great product

Great product fits perfectly in my ukulele case

Reviewed in the United States
March 11, 2021


Works as advertised

I like that it works, and that it is easy to use, and that it lives in your guitar even wheel you are playing, unlike sound hole humidifiers. I could wish it didn’t need to be recharged as often, but I do live in a very dry climate. I recommend it.

Reviewed in the United States
February 27, 2021


Amazon Reviewer

Works with a cautionary “but”

I am giving these 5 stars because they work, as directed. BUT I want to caution everyone as some others have written, be careful. Humidities inside of several of my cases (not all) creeped WAY too high. The problem, I discovered, is that several of my cases had linings that were absorbing all the moisture. My Gibson cases were the worst. I could actually feel the moisture in the “fur” lining.

As an aside, not in any way a knock (likely actually a positive), but one of my Martin’s had become SO dry that it needed a setup after about 2 weeks– but that is to be expected with adequate hydration.

Be very careful and monitor with a hygrometer the humidity in various cases.

Reviewed in the United States
February 9, 2021


Amazon Reviewer

Works… just takes longer the first soak.

Just received this and was excited to try it. It does seem to soak up some water….however nothing like in the videos. Its only shrinking down to about 20cm and doesn’t seem to be at full capacity after being in water for over half an hour. 40 plus minutes and it seems to have gotten larger. So…be aware that this may take a little longer at first. 4 stars for now until I see how it does inside a guitar.

Reviewed in the United States
February 2, 2021


Amazon Reviewer

This is a game-changer…

I’ll start right out by saying that I’ve had to buy a second unit in less than 2 weeks. This thing does everything it says it does. Stores an awesome amount of moisture. If you’ve got an Ovation Elite, which has many small sound holes rather than one large one, this is perfect. About the ‘except’ – a friend stopped over and I had to show it off since the guitar that it was in, happened to be on the guitar stand at the time. He’s a retired engineer. I handed it to him. The first thing that he did was, to squeeze it really hard, crushing some of the little moisture nodules which squeezed out of the mesh bag, making a huge mess, destroying the humidifier. Rule #1 – DO NOT let anyone else handle this, no matter how intelligent they appear to be. Rule #2 – DON’T SQUEEZE THIS. & why would you!

Reviewed in the United States
January 22, 2021


Amazon Reviewer

Awesome product

I live in the very dry desert south west and this hydrator is the best product i’ve ever used, lasts for aprox 5 days. easy as soak 20 to 30 min and use.

Reviewed in the United States
December 25, 2020


Amazon Reviewer

All of the standard guitar humidifiers on the market suck, as we all know, and for different reasons. This seems to be ok. But I do not yet trust putting this inside my precious, expensive guitars. I’m dinging 1 star for making me unsure. Having said that, it is better than all of the funky attempts out there that I know of. It may just be great.
Reviewed in the United States
December 11, 2020

Kokapelli 108

Amazon Reviewer

I’ve tried a number of guitar humidifiers.
These are the best by far.
They work exactly as advertised and exceed expectations.
Reviewed in the United States
December 1, 2020

Benjamin Broder

Amazon Reviewer

Easy to use, works in the guitar or in the case.
No leak, no water noted after initial soak and dry period.
Works as well as Ddario humidipack and more economical.
Reviewed in the United States
December 23, 2020


Amazon Reviewer

Just refilled it after three weeks, and it appears to be exactly as claimed. Left in the soundhole of a guitar that stays out in the heated air, and the guitar seems happy with the process. I was concerned about the Fishman wiring and it sitting near the output jack but it looks like it coexists peacefully with the electronics. I would put this in the case vs soundhole for an enclosed instrument, but if it is a daily player drop it in and forget it for a couple weeks.
Reviewed in the United States
December 24, 2020


Amazon Reviewer

We believe in you…

Everything we do is for you. In everything we do is the simple idea of giving you enhanced performance from the way we innovate, to the way we give your instruments performance enhancing benefits, to our service. We’re all about the performance. Your performance, your instruments performance, its sound performance. So, we invite you to join us on this journey to enhanced performance and together we can make accessories that others may imitate, but none can copy.

Our journey has just begun… and together we can build a better future with enhanced performance instrument accessories.

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All about humidity

Why should I humidify?

The wood your guitar is made from is a living, breathing material. It slowly absorbs moisture from the air when it is humid, and slowly releases it when it is dry. This causes it to expand and contract, which affects the action (playability), structural integrity and resonance of your guitar, which is why you need to humidify.

How does humidity affect my guitar?

When it is humid, the body slowly swells as it absorbs moisture from the air. Conversely, when it is dry, the body slowly shrinks as it loses moisture to the air. The amount of moisture in the wood is known as moisture content (MC).

What do humidifiers do?
Humidifiers work through the diffusion of water vapor with the air. Lower vapor pressure in the air causes water to evaporate from the humidifier and be absorbed by the air, balancing the vapor pressure throughout. This is known as the process of equilibration. Similarly, wood gains or loses moisture by equilibrating with the air around it, but at a much slower rate. This is good because it means that you don’t need to supplement the humidity all the time – you should only humidify when your guitar needs it.

What is the ideal humidity?

Most manufacturers use tone wood that has been equilibrated to a 50% Relative Humidity (RH) environment. Hence the ideal humidity 
is 50% RH. However, it is the Moisture Content (MC) of the wood we are more concerned about, not necessarily the humidity of the air. Luckily, wood is slow to equilibrate, making it immune to daily fluctuations of high and low humidity. As such, it is a myth that you must maintain an absolute 50% RH continuously. Instead your aim should be to maintain a 
long term average of 45-55% – nominally 50%.

Does temperature affect humidity? 

Humidity is a relative thing, hence the term RH. It is relative to the capacity of the air to absorb moisture in vapor form. As you heat air its capacity increases, causing the relative humidity to drop. This is why, despite having reasonable outdoor humidity, it can feel really dry once the air is heated in your home.

What if I don’t humidify?
If you don’t humidify, you may be playing a game of Russian roulette with your guitar. Changes in MC will affect the action (playability) of your guitar, the resonance of the soundboard, and can even result in structural failures such as failed glue joints, 
as well as cracks in the body.

If I live in a humid climate 
do I still need to humidify?
It really depends. Heating and air conditioning can significantly affect indoor humidity, so you cannot always rely on outdoor humidity as your guide. Ideally you should measure the humidity in the room your guitars live in before making a decision.

Should I humidify all the time?

No, no and no! Only humidify when your guitar needs it. If you humidify all the time you risk adding too much moisture to the wood, which can be just as bad as being too dry. Think of it in the same way as heating your home. The furnace only runs when it needs 
to, not all the time.

How should I humidify?
It depends on how you use your instrument. 
If you keep your guitar out, play often, 
and it was set up professionally, then we’d recommend using the action (playability) of your guitar as your guide of when to humidify and when to stop. Be warned that if you keep your guitar entombed in a case, you must use a fully functional hygrometer and monitor it daily to prevent over humidification.

Moisture Content (MC)
Relative Humidity (RH)

Coming back from the Crack
Seeing is believing
Zen & the Art of Humidity
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Moisture Content
Your guitar as a hygrometer
 Only humidify when your guitar needs it.
Not all the time.
Too much moisture in the wood can be equally damaging.

Only humidify when you need to

Drop in the humidifier when the action gets too low, and remove it when that sweet action returns.

If you keep your guitar in a case, monitor the humidity inside the sound hole. When it drops below 45% RH you will know it is time to humidify, and when it exceeds 55% RH you will know it’s time to stop.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the outdoor humidity. Relative Humidity is temperature dependent. As such, heated indoor air is often much drier than the air outside.

Feel the Action

In severe cases you can see a dry or swollen guitar just by looking at the profile. But long before you see it, you will feel it when you play.

Too much Moisture Content will cause the bridge to lift, resulting in high action making it much harder to play, while too little, will cause the bridge to sink, lowering the action and causing fret buzz.

The sound of the guitar is also another little tell-tale sign, albeit less obvious. A guitar with the right moisture content will have a fuller sound than one that is overly dry.

The radius of the guitar acts as your hygrometer

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